Challenges that Face Local Radio Today

Radio equipment is used to pass information to a broad group of people in a simple and faster way. Today’s radios have also come in a variety of sizes and make, from big home theater systems to handheld equipment that can be put in the pockets. Radios also are found in other systems for examples in phones that make them easier to access also. Local radios face some problems that… Read Article →


How To Become A Local Radio Personality

Local radio personalities are loved by their fans, not only do they play their favorite music from different genres but they also provide commentary as well as interview guests on different issues that are affecting the local population. In order to become a radio personality, the first skill you need to have is to be creative. Radio hosts need to be able to generate new ideas daily that will not… Read Article →


Most Overplayed Songs – Summer 2015

Overplaying Just Ruins the Song It happens all the time. You hear a song and love it, and immediately put it on your playlist for regular listening. The radios are always playing it and the music channels always have it on. It’s alright at first, but by the time a few weeks have passed you are absolutely sick to death of it, and consider it to be the same old… Read Article →